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SocketBox Android Application

SocketBox application provides all the capabilities that you may need from a socket test application.
The application let you exploit TCP/IP server, client and UDP socket capabilities as well as some informative tools which can be summarized as follow:


  • Separate pages for TCP/IP server/client and UDP peer which can be used simultaneously  (i.e. you can connect TCP client with server within application),
  • TCP/IP Server Panel
    • Exhibit TCP/IP Server capabilities,
    • Accept multiple TCP/IP client connections,
    • Conversation history,
    • Individual messaging with each client,
    • Message filtering with respect to corresponding client,
    • Number of accepted clients can be set.
  • TCP/IP Client Panel
    • Exhibit TCP/IP Client capabilities,
    • Can connect to given TCP/IP server,
    • Conversation history,
    • IP Repository usage.
  • UDP/IP Peer Panel
    • Exhibit UDP/IP capabilities,
    • Can listen provided port,
    • Send datagram packets to given IP address and port,
    • Conversation history,
    • IP Repository usage.
  • Settings Panel
    • Let user update application wise parameters,
    • Display device associated parameters such as public/private IP addresses, MAC addresses,
    • Maximum number of clients that can connect for TCP/IP server,
    • Data display method (ASCII or Binary),
    • Adding new line automatically to the end of messages,
    • Add/remove or update IP addresses in the IP repository.
  • The log capability,
    • For each socket page, conversation history can be saved to local device or cleared,
    • The log content can be shared via e-mail, whatsapp or any other medium that android allow.
  • Navigation bar which can be opened with left swipe gesture or pressing menu icon,
  • Simple and interactive Graphical User Interface elements,
  • The data can be entered and displayed in both ASCII and binary (hexadecimal) format,
  • The entered IP addresses can be stored in a repository and then obtained with one click.

By the way, underlying socket library (most of it) can be found at as well as many posts and example codes related with C++ and socket programming.

For new features, comments and any bug reports, please visit my Socket Box Playstore page.