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If your are working with OpenGL and related technologies, you probably had alreay heard “Khronos”This group, which is founded at 2000, is responsible for creation and management of royalty free open standards for 3D graphics and other technologies. The set of technologies are summarized in following figure, for more detailed information you can check out their web site:

The Khronos Visual Computing Ecosystem

Previously, there are multiple forums about these technologies, but with latest announcement, Khronos merge all these forums as one forum. Although, these kind of forums may not seem attractive and outdated (in fact Khronos also announced that they will move forward to Discord platform), they are still a very good resource for your discussion, questions and well known problems. Do not forget to check out.

I have not shared video for a long time, so I am sharing one of them that I encountered. It is about C++ (again :). Following comment is also spectacular 🙂
“If I had to imagine how a person who invented a programming language look like I would imagine this guy.”

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