Microsoft Build 2019 – WSL and Windows Terminal

Well, if you got bored with latest Game of Throne episodes (do not worry no spoiler ahead :), there are many things going on at developers world. Google (Google I/O 2019), Facebook (Facebook F8) and microsoft (Microsoft Build 2019) performed their developer conferences where you can find bunch of new technology announcements and technical videos. Take your time to check content.

Today, my focus will be on Microsoft conference. To be honest, I have not look at build conferences for a long time except for Hololens and Visual Studio/Code, but one article really attracted me which says that soon enough, Ms Windows will include a full linux kernel as a component (for the time being it will be based on version 4.19). It is called Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Although, there is no spoiler for next game of thrones episode, you can see an example usage.


As following announcement stated, this architecture will achieve an increase in file system performance and full linux system call compatibility in which linux apps can be executed in WSL.

Announcing WSL 2

As far as we know, it will be released by the end of June 2019. Some other highlights can be found in following post:

Shipping a Linux Kernel with Windows

The other announcement that you may check out is about new command line/terminal tool which is called “Windows Terminal”. This new terminal will support tabs, themes and access to Powershell, classic command line environment and Bash (via WSL).

Following is the advertisement for Windows Terminal 🙂

And you can find much more in following video:

Thats all for this post, hope to see you again, here at, Take care 🙂

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