Python Course

To get more informed about artificial intelligence and machine learning, I had enrolled to the course announced by Deep Learning Turkey group at the end of 2018.

The first part of this course was learning Python. To do so, I go over the Python Course Notes that are translated by Fuat Beşer. Although, I had programmed Python two or three years ago, I have not been using it for a while and I used those notes as reminder. If you also like to refresh your Pyhton knowledge or have programming experience but like to learn python rapidly then these notes should help you. Most important point here is that the lessons are in Turkish and you can try them using you browser (Thanks to sağolsun). You can also check out the original notes provided at

With this post, we are also stepping into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning fields.  The most important motivation for me to delve into these topics is possiblity to use these with my PhD study. At that time, I had looked at these topics but could not find time to learn them and this might be a good oppurtunity to check these out. Additionally, I would like to investigate the possible use of these technologies with game development, GIS and for my professional studies.

For the time being, I will use Python as programming language but I will also check C++ usage. I will continue to share my experiences about these topics through my posts 🙂 Till then take care.

By the way, you may also check out the web site of group which is Deep Learning Türkiye sayfasında. You can find good articles about AI and ML.

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