Assets for Game Development

Hello, my yazılımperver  friends,

I’ve been getting some pretty good feedbacks from you lately. First of all, I would like to thank you very much for each of these feedbacks, each of which is very important to me and I will respond as much as I can. In one of these messages, you kindly asked me to share free game asset sites that can be used to develop games that will not cause a license problem if possible. Therefore, with this article, I share some resources that I have with you. In the future, I will keep these up-to-date, via a separate section on the main page, similar to C ++ Resources page. Till that time you can start to consume following sites 🙂

I have saved the most beautiful one to last 🙂 The following site have various content from tutorials to assets, you can find many beautiful resources 😉

If you like or dislike this post 🙂 have any suggestion or request, comment or feed back, please do not hesitate to use my feedback and suggestion page.

In the meantime, as we delved into game development, I decided to write a short article about game engines. It is baking in the oven, so you can taste it soon 😉 Till then use above assets and develop games. Do not forget to inform me about them.

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